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The Total Amateurs Guide to Macrame

IMG_0190You know you are a grown up when things from your childhood are now showing up in designer stores.

Mum used to make endless macrame hangings back in the day and I paid zero attention! I was too busy watching the 6 Million Dollar Man and playing with my Charlie’s Angels dolls to be interested.

So this brings us to the present and me feeling about as dexterous as   a crocodile using chopsticks as I fumble my way through learning how to create something pretty and practical from a ball of string and some wooden beads with ridiculously small holes.

Why am I doing this to myself?  Well you see being the unfortunate owner of a home from the decade that brought us such visual delights as popcorn ceilings and shag-pile carpets in bathrooms, I have developed a keen interest in making things that combine vintage charm and practical usefulness as I try to pretty things up.  I guess if I had to give my style a name it would be ‘whimsically useful’…because that sounds nicer than junkyard chic.

So it was time to jump in the deep end and learn macrame so I could make a cute plant hanger. A Google search lead me to this lovely pattern  It is fairly easy to follow even for a total beginner like me. I did modify it a little an added some beads as I went along.


For some unknown reason, macrame requires 3 hands. I am not sure whose plan that was, but I managed to make do with a dining chair and some masking tape.


Oh and i figured out a trick to thread the beads on after much fumbling and swearing, everyone already probably knows this but for those who don’t,  wrapping a piece of masking tape around the end like a tab on a shoelace worked a treat!  You can thank me later.

My sincere apologies to everyone who knows how to do macrame ‘properly’ and is now shaking their head and cringing with my attempts.

I do feel keen to make another project however as it was quite a lot of fun. Maybe something smaller with some wool instead of thick cord to hang some sweet little tealight sized planters I have lying about.   Stay tuned for updates!

Oh and apologies to my felow lushes, no wine pairing for this project as I just could not co-ordinate myself, perhaps next time though.  Or maybe a straw could help.



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