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Poodle on Tour

14224892_10153917005912549_8777307888636365785_nThis weekend we thought it was time to take the giant  curly dog for his first caravan trip.

So we packed him a bag and squished him into the back of the wagon for a grand adventure.

We chose Miranda Hot Pools as our destination because it was familiar to us, having visited previously and close enough to home that if it turned into a complete disaster we could either bail or call for someone to come collect the fur-baby.

The area for people camping with dogs is at the gate, so a little noisier. It was really lovely however to have other dogs about and found it a much more social experience than other caravan holidays.








Watching the world go by.




14231287_10153920587597549_5333828639651927613_o Snuggling with mum.


Our caravan is quite small as only a 2 berth and we managed to all fit in, barely. We were a source of entertainment for the other caravan owners all in much bigger wagons than ours with much smaller dogs.

The first night went well. He sneakily claimed my bed to watch the movie before reluctantly accepting that giant dogs don’t fit on tiny bunks and need to sleep on their blanket on the floor.

However the domestic bliss was shattered 7am Saturday morning.   I was happily dreaming when I wake up to the sound of a dog retching followed by a splosh….

I managed to leap from my bunk, narrowly avoiding the table which we foolishly left extended the night before.   Suddenly wide awake I am straddling the puddle of dog vomit on the floor with him now retching very close behind me only to find the caravan door is jammed!   Panic!!!

Long suffering husband is yelling technical advice from his bunk whilst trying to not be sick himself in sympathy. I strongly suggest he actually comes and helps.

Well it wasn’t just me, the door really is jammed!  There is a tiny part of me that is feeling a little smug that he couldn’t open it either, that thought quickly fades as more of the dogs dinner makes an appearance.

In a panic I open up the window by my bunk and am attempting to climb out to pass out the vomiting dog (who weighs 40kg) when the door finally opens and a poorly poodle is launched out by a middle aged man in his boxers much to the amusement of the neighbors who have been alerted to the dramas by all the yelling and retching coming from our little caravan.

Good morning campers!

So how was your weekend?





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