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The Broke Girls Guide to Decorating: Bedside Table

Step one: Realise you need a bedside table for the guest room but have zero budget left. OOPS!

trunk 1

Step two: Scrounge around the house looking for a flat object that could feasibly masquerade as a bedside table in a pinch.

Step three: Find ancient trunk collecting cobwebs in a corner and paint the it linen grey so it disguises the fact that it is in fairly rough rustic condition, and the white you tried painting it three years ago just isn’t fooling anybody.

Step four: Bust out the low tack masking tape and make a geometric pattern on the top, throwing caution to the wind.  As it can always be painted over if you screw it up right?

Step five: Apply white and gold in stripes to make life a little more interesting.

Step six: Step back, pour another wine and celebrate how you just solved a problem without spending any hard earned cash.



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