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Lamp Revamp

Rainy Sunday afternoons can be a bit of a downer.

I try,  whenever possible to overcome the Sunday Blues by setting aside some time to make things.  I’m an active relaxer, restless type of girl so need something to do with hands and mind to be able to chill out.

lamp 1

I wanted a bedside lamp for the guest room so was a bit excited to stumble across this boring little one. It was all sad and neglected in the back of a cupboard, the white is dirty looking, it catches dust and it is just a bit blah.

I had some of the delicious fabric left over from my little seat project so thought to give it a go at recovering.

Here it is in case you missed it : Guest Room Update: Take a Seat

I hadn’t attempted covering a lampshade before but Google told me it would be just fine- so I gathered up my supplies; pegs, adhesive spray and wine.

A yummy little Viogner was the perfect match for the project. You can find it Here

Once the fabric was cut allowing a half inch each side I sprayed the fabric and the lamp with adhesive, the one I had on hand was a quilt basting spray so fingers were crossed at this point.

lamp 2

The pegs did a good job of holding it all together but I decided to add a little pva glue on the inside edge for extra insurance.   I am pleased with how it came out overall and it took less than half an hour of doing and just overnight drying time.

The little crimps from the pegs have popped out now too. Phew.

lamp 3


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