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Guest Room Update: Sneak Peek

OH how far it’s come!   The sad little room in need of some attention is finally getting some love.

Hours spent scraping ceilings, stripping walls and pulling up grotty carpet and skirting board while listening to true crime podcasts and finally we are here.

My biggest struggle with renovating is the prep work. I want to just rock up and make things pretty – not have to do the whole part where it has to get worse before it gets better. Nothing crushes my spirit faster than someone giving me a reality check and reminding me I am going to have to sand/fill/fix something before I can play.

I am 95% finished in the guest room but thought it about time I shared an update and a couple of before and afters.

There have been a lot of firsts on this project, my first time hanging wallpaper and laying a floating floor. Both of which I am very pleased with, all things considered.   I am going to lay the same floor in the hallway next.  I will have a think about the wallpapering; according to hubby you are not actually supposed to just go over screws. Who knew?

Here is what we had to work with.  Be warned, it’s pretty grim!



The worst was scraping that horrid texture off the ceiling;  my shoulders were killing me by the end but it had to go.  Then removing the wallpaper and ripping up the carpet which was actually quite satisfying, especially smacking the smooth edge off with a hammer.

I had to remove the skirting board to lay the floor, something I wish I knew before I painted the damn thing but I will put some new trim down so it looks nice.

The floor was the most fun part of this (other than making the bed-  I have to confess to a bit of a bed making obsession) I managed to lay it in a weekend and only needed hubby to help with the part that goes under the door frame. I even had my first ever time using a drop saw, which was a bit terrifying. I kept on checking I had all my fingers.

The foil underlay was a bit tricky at first but will be worth the effort as it creates a thermal barrier on the concrete floor and the whole thing is quite warm underfoot which is important in a bedroom- nobody likes cold toes.


Next was the wardrobe, I decided that camouflage was a good option so had a go at wallpaper hanging.   This one has a lovely texture to it and I will paint the trim  (yes I should have done that first, but I am new at this)    I removed the horrid plastic handles and put some simple wooden ones on.   All in all it was $40 well spent.


The bed is so very pretty and was a Trade Me  find. Living in a house full of men it was fun to create a more feminine space. I have some soft linen curtains to hang at the window.

You may remember the little desk and stool I dressed up from a previous post, I will hang the mirror on the wall when I am finished. They go so well with the bed. Oh and my antique kauri dresser finally finds a place to shine.

I wanted to carry on the white theme in this room especially as it is south facing so have used Resene Black White on the ceiling and Merino on the walls.   I’m toying with the idea of a stencil on the blank wall behind the bed but may go with some kind of textile wall hanging like a quilt or macrame just to soften the space.

But for now the room currently has its’ first guest, my son’s best mate is up on holiday from University so the finishing touches will have to wait until he has gone. I’m pretty excited it is being put to use however!

There was only the one small hitch when we realized we forgot to mention the dodgy door knob and he was temporarily trapped!  Fortunately he is a lovely lad who has known our family his whole life and has a great sense of humor.

It’s all fixed now though and  embarrassing as it is to admit, after 5 years of a living with a door knob that you had to reattach every time you wanted to open the door we totally fixed it in under 3 minutes with 3 little screws! I even found the screws in the ‘stuff that I find in peoples pockets while doing the laundry jar’   Pretty convenient.

The total spend for the room including materials, labor (the plasterer) and furnishings was just under $1000. Nearly half of which was the floor, but I feel it was well worth it to have a room where guests can feel welcome.


I’m starting on the hallway next, here is a sneak peek…



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