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Guest Room Update: Take a Seat

This weekend was a bit gloomy, I was feeling very sorry for myself with a miserable head cold for a few days and it was really stormy outside.  By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around I was getting a bit restless so decided to get to work on a quiet little project in the lounge whilst the hubby had a snooze.    I love snoozes as much as the next girl!  But I always regret them when I wake up feeling more tired than I started so decided I needed something to do instead.

I had been looking for the perfect seat to go with the little desk I painted a few weeks ago for the guest room and stumbled across this drop dead gorgeous fabric at spotlight that insisted on following me home. Time to put things together…

So with the fire lit  I braved the weather and ran to the car to haul out this little stool I bought at the op shop for $25 and have driven around for a week with it in the boot.Does anyone else do that?  No? OK as you were then.

Here it is. I love the simple shape but it has chips and the fabric seat is lumpy and threadbare, so it is time for a makeover.


I had the support crew nearby actively cheering me on.  They are good like that.IMG_3090

I do tend to be easily distracted so a quick pop downstairs to the craft room to grab my painting supplies resulted in a 15 minute tidy up and attempt at sorting out the space, before I realized that was actually no fun at all without the proper shelving that I am trying to convince the hubby to install going to put up myself. That is definitely a project best procrastinated about until I find a day when I have more energy and some wine .

By the time I got back upstairs someone had eaten my last two squares of chocolate. Nobody was admitting anything but my money is on the hound dog, she may be half deaf and blind but there is nothing wrong with her sense of smell when it comes to food.

I set to work painting and it was a nice relaxing activity, there was only one near miss with the giant curly dog getting a bit close with his cone of shame but it all cleaned up nicely and with only minimal swearing.

So, an hour and two coats of chalk paint later I was ready to recover the seat.  I managed to find some quilt batting during my tidy up so added that for a little extra padding and got to work with my cuter than cute fabric and handy stapler.  It took less than 5minutes and is so much more comfortable now.

I am really happy with how it turned out, It was a fun, quick and easy project which brings me a step closer to finishing the guest room.

The Gib stopper has finished now and I have outsourced the painting to eldest son in exchange for sorting his wardrobe and doing his laundry, we are both very happy with the trade and I will pop up progress photos soon so hang in there folks.

Here is the finished project.



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The Total Amateurs Guide to Macrame

IMG_0190You know you are a grown up when things from your childhood are now showing up in designer stores.

Mum used to make endless macrame hangings back in the day and I paid zero attention! I was too busy watching the 6 Million Dollar Man and playing with my Charlie’s Angels dolls to be interested.

So this brings us to the present and me feeling about as dexterous as   a crocodile using chopsticks as I fumble my way through learning how to create something pretty and practical from a ball of string and some wooden beads with ridiculously small holes.

Why am I doing this to myself?  Well you see being the unfortunate owner of a home from the decade that brought us such visual delights as popcorn ceilings and shag-pile carpets in bathrooms, I have developed a keen interest in making things that combine vintage charm and practical usefulness as I try to pretty things up.  I guess if I had to give my style a name it would be ‘whimsically useful’…because that sounds nicer than junkyard chic.

So it was time to jump in the deep end and learn macrame so I could make a cute plant hanger. A Google search lead me to this lovely pattern  It is fairly easy to follow even for a total beginner like me. I did modify it a little an added some beads as I went along.


For some unknown reason, macrame requires 3 hands. I am not sure whose plan that was, but I managed to make do with a dining chair and some masking tape.


Oh and i figured out a trick to thread the beads on after much fumbling and swearing, everyone already probably knows this but for those who don’t,  wrapping a piece of masking tape around the end like a tab on a shoelace worked a treat!  You can thank me later.

My sincere apologies to everyone who knows how to do macrame ‘properly’ and is now shaking their head and cringing with my attempts.

I do feel keen to make another project however as it was quite a lot of fun. Maybe something smaller with some wool instead of thick cord to hang some sweet little tealight sized planters I have lying about.   Stay tuned for updates!

Oh and apologies to my felow lushes, no wine pairing for this project as I just could not co-ordinate myself, perhaps next time though.  Or maybe a straw could help.