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Operation Guest Room

As our nest begins to empty with the first of the menfolk moving out I decided to reclaim the newly spare bedroom and create a pretty guest room. Great idea huh? Hubby was not convinced it was a good idea at all and made a point of reminding me that he was not available to help rescue as he had other projects on the go.

So throwing caution to the wind I began searching for a cute bed and drooling over pretty wallpaper samples.  The reality of the situation came crashing in when I actually looked at the room with a critical eye.

There are a lot of things I love about our house.

But there are also things that I really don’t love and they all exist in this bedroom.

At the top of that list is the textured ceiling.  Seriously! Who’s great idea was it to coat a ceiling in such an awful substance? All it does is catch cobwebs and dust and it looks just nasty.

Next would be the 40year old moth eaten and rabbit chewed carpet!

Thirdly is the sad and peeling wallpaper.

yes folks this room offers up the trifecta of decor disasters.   What on earth was I thinking, I may have bitten off more than I can chew, please don’t tell my husband I am not ready for an “I told you so”  I think this is more of a “honey here is more wine” situation.

So looking like an extra from Breaking Bad I bravely armed myself with a mask, a weed sprayer and a spatula and set to work.

The ceiling was miserable, my shoulders ached and I nearly fell off my step-ladder many times.  However ten long hours later I had finished and the room was stripped! Alleluia.   I cannot begin to describe the sense of relief that it was finally done.

I need to get an expert in to do the plastering, so while I wait I decided I was in need of a little bit of retail therapy and set out to find a cute desk for the room. My search couldn’t come up with anything that I really liked or could afford so i decided to make something myself.


I bought this little cutie in need of some loving via Trade Me for $20 and love its simple shape and small size.

Once the spiders were evicted it was a quick and easy job to paint it up with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White in preparation for this cute stencil.

Then I had to be patient, waiting for the paint to dry so I could do the really fun part was tough, but a nice Church Road Pinot Gris helped get me through.


Now I just need to find a sweet chair to go with it, what do you think?




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