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FoMO is not just for people

Allow me to introduce Daisy Duke, she is a Basset Hound in her very senior years.

Here is the thing about Basset Hounds, they are not rated very highly on the activity spectrum, and are not known for their agility and eagerness to do much other than snooze eat and have belly rubs, particularly the elderly ones.

To be fair if snoozing and eating were an Olympic sport, Daisy would surely be on the podium (as long as there was a ramp as she doesn’t do climbing)

Daisy loves our morning strolls to the dog park with Archie the giant curly dog, once there she barks to her heart’s content and wanders around slowly with the other dog owners while all the young fools hoon about chasing tennis balls and each other.

Once home she enjoys a hearty snack and a big snooze in her basket in the sun.  That’s pretty much her work out for the day.


By stark contrast the curly dog needs loooong walks, up hills and back again in the evenings also.  Daisy hates these walks, like really dislikes them to the point of playing dead and refusing to take another step once we are more than 3 houses away from home.

This is where the FoMO kicks in.   She doesn’t want to go but doesn’t want to miss out either.

Last night I waited until she was snoring like a lumberjack with a sinus infection in her basket then quietly snuck out the door with the curly dog.  Her hearing is pretty much gone now so it isn’t usually a challenge.   All was well and we were headed up the hill towards the village when I hear her howling, like hound of the baskervilles howling.     Curly dog and I exchanged a worried look and pressed on hoping someone at home would have a chat with her and she would go back to sleep.

The next thing I hear is woofing, getting louder.  Now I am no expert on sound waves but I know enough to know that the woofing should have been getting quieter the further away from home we walked.   This was bad.   Sure enough I turn around to see a geriatric Basset loping like a seal along the centre line of a fairly busy road, in the dark!   She had broken out and was determined to not miss out on the walk she didn’t want to do.

Curly dog and I shared a panicked glance and both ran towards her shooing her off the road, this meant we ended up in a drainage ditch as there is only a path on the side we were walking on not the house side. This walk was not going well for anyone concerned.

I managed to herd the sweet old girl back to the house in one piece and tuck her back in bed but will need to come up with a better plan for getting our evening walk in, perhaps we could Face Time her along the way so she doesn’t feel like she is missing out on anything.



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