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When life gets you down

Some days you just need a good friend, who will walk in the rain with you until everything feels OK again.

This guy is good medicine!   Archie (aka the giant curly dog) is the kind of friend that doesn’t care if your mascara is running and his enthusiasm for life is contagious.

I had to say goodbye to my horse yesterday and to all the hopes and dreams and childhood imaginings of galloping along a beach at sunset that she represented.

I just wanted to sit on the couch and drink wine and eat donuts, anyone else have those days?  But this guy just plonked his head on my lap and in his own way suggested we go out in the rain together instead.   I think it was probably the best suggestion in the world right at that moment.

Dogs have empathy, without a doubt and some form stronger connections with their person than others.  I will miss my beautiful horse  but I just couldn’t imagine life without a dog (particularly this one) to get me through the blues.


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