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It’s the little things


There is something so exciting about the change of seasons, I do have to confess that Autumn is my favourite season of them all. I just love cardigan weather, layering up in the mornings and evenings and enjoying short sleeves during the day.

Everyone suddenly is sleeping better with the cooler nights too!

The colours are so beautiful with the leaves changing colour ready to drop.

As Marian Keyes said “Autumn is the season of new boots”  What’s not to love about this gorgeous time of year.

So I splashed out (pardon the pun) and bought some new gumboots for walking the dogs in the mornings, I wasn’t enjoying having wet socks every morning with the dew on the grass so there was a very practical reason excuse to purchase some very pretty boots.  They made me smile and feel so much more resilient.

Even better I was able to order online in my lunch break at work and have them arrive on my doorstep the very next day.    Thank you for making me smile today!



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